April 4, 2006

DFW to MIA to LIM: The Arrival to South America

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I touched down in Lima quite late, around 9:30 PM, amid hordes of anxious family members and welcome signs.  I wasn´t alone however, I had Nick, a cheery English fellow going my way.  We booked an 8 USD minibus to take us to the Miraflores district.  We dropped off poor Nick at the completely full Flying Dog Backpackers Hostel, and left him to wonder in the dark.  I checked in to the very lonely Eurobackpackers Hostel.

Practical Information:

Transport from airport:
· Tourist Minibus for door-to-door drop, $8
· Share a taxi, $10 or less

· Flying Dog Backpacker´s Hostel, popular, excellent location overlooking the plaza, $10 for dorm.

· Eurobackpackers: Lonely, but friendly and safe, $10 private double, $7 for (empty) dorm.

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March 31, 2006

The Travel Blog Opens!

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“Dave left his job on April Fool´s Day 2003 and has been on the road ever since.  He is now on his third leg of backpacking various sections of the world and has created a web site to document the journey.”

I highly recommend buying the cheapest one-way ticket out of your country.  That´s what I did and have never regretted it.

To read more about my 2 year backpacking trip through Southeast Asia and my overland journey between India and Turkey you should go to the original blog at http://dwmcloda.blogdrive.com

Check back on this blog for updates on my current trip through South America.  I have five months, give or take, and plan on trekking through Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela. 

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